Homewatch Services for Absentee Owners

                                                                                 pool home

Jaime Girls Homewatch inspections assure your home is being visited on a regular basis. Trusting and relying on someone with your most prized possession (your home) is the most important service we provide. Wondering if that person performing work on your home is honest, trustworthy, and qualified is no longer a problem you will need to address. Jaime Girl’s Concierge is licensed  and insured. You will have a personal relationship with us and you will know who is tending your property. Our purpose is to maintain the security and quality of your home. Your peace of mind is our priority.


 Homewatch Inspection Checklist   


          EXTERIOR OF HOME:                                      

  •  Walk entire property
  •  Report any unusual landscape or sprinkler concerns
  •  Perform inspection of pool and/or spa for water level and  discoloration
  •  Listen for any unusual noises from pool equipment, and   inspect for leaks
  •  Look for any fallen limbs or trees, weeds and mold in  pavers or driveway
  •  Report broken windows & signs of intrusion to authorities
  •  Check for mail and newspapers to be brought indoors


  •  Check that alarms are working properly
  •  Inspect doors and windows for security breach
  •  Check telephone for dial tone
  •  Check all shower heads and faucets for drips
  •  Turn off water to toilets or flush ( per instruction)
  •  Look under all sinks for signs of leaks or mildew
  •  Look at ceilings and in closets for signs of mildew
  •  Check humidistat and thermostat settings
  •  Check A/C for cool air
  •  Check water heater for vacation setting
  •  Send inspection reports to homeowner